Black or Blue? How To Buy The Right Colour David Bowie’s Changes Two

Good news for Bowie vinyl fans with the reissue of classic eighties compilation ChangesTwo.

Although original copies of this album are as common as your average Jeremy Kyle Show participant (and also I suspect like your average Jeremy Kyle Show participant can be picked up for less than a tenner’s outlay) and thus, on the face of it, entirely unnecessary, the new reissue does have the added charm of coming in a translucent blue vinyl variety which is much more fun than the dreary common-or-garden black version.

For those flush vinylheads willing to squander a few extra quid for the coloured vinyl, a sparkling new copy can be had.

So far so good.

The catch, just like with last year’s reissue of ChangesOne is that only half the copies are in a coloured vinyl edition, so you only have a fifty fifty chance of getting a copy in the colour you desire. And the last thing you want to do is have to revert to eBay and have some Smart Alec charge you double for the copy you want.

Last year, my local record shop, Five’s in Leigh On Sea heard about a wheeze that would identify which copies of ChangesOne were clear vinyl while the LP was still sealed – by shining an iPhone light through a sealed copy. It was sheer Genius, and just the sort of thing that entirely justifies why we still need local record shops.

This time – with ChangesTwo however – such chicanery doesn’t work. Blue vinyl is not as porous to light as clear vinyl – those rotters at the record company have outsmarted us.

But don’t worry, because a fresh chat with Five’s Records has delivered the goods again – a way to identify which records are blue and which are black without unsealing them.

The catch this time is that you will need slightly more self confidence than last time.

And some digital scales.

Because the difference between the two records is about fifteeen grams. The blue vinyl copy (in sleeve) weighs 290 grams, and the black vinyl copy over 300 grams.

Therefore, simply stride into your local store with confidence, digital scales under your arm, pick up a selection of LPs, and if you want the blue version, go for the lighter ones.

At the very least you’ll strike up a conversation with interested onlookers…

Best of luck!

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10 replies

  1. Got a blue one. Yours forv£5000 😂😂😂😂

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  2. This suggestion really tipped the scales, for me.

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  3. Totally wrong!!!! it’s 290 grams is black and 300 grams is blue! Thanks for tricking me!


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