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  • A Visit To Hansa Recording Studios, Berlin

    A Visit To Hansa Recording Studios, Berlin

    Home to the recordings of such seminal albums as David Bowie’s “Heroes”, U2’s “Achtung Baby”, and Depeche Mode’s “Black Celebration”, Hansa Studios in Berlin is one of the most famous and iconic recording studios in the world. During a recent trip to Berlin, I visited the studios, guided around by Berlin Music Tours, who have…

  • The Recording of David Bowie’s “Heroes”

    The Recording of David Bowie’s “Heroes”

    On the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, David Bowie’s “Heroes”, written and recorded at Hansa Studios just a few hundred yards from the Wall, remains a landmark recording and perhaps Bowie’s best-loved song. It is also perhaps the best example of how music can be affected by the location it is…

  • Bowie Releases New Single

    Bowie Releases New Single

    David Bowie has announced today (his 66th birthday) that he is releasing a new single entitled, Where Are We Now?, and a new album on 11th March called The Next Day. The single is available now on iTunes. Where Are We Now? is a gorgeous, atmospheric tune and produced by Tony Visconti, producer of many…