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  • The Story of Pulp’s Different Class

    The Story of Pulp’s Different Class

    Pulp’s defining album, “Different Class” reached the top of the charts in 1995 nearly thirty years ago, in a move designed solely to make us all feel rather old.  In a year when the rest of Britain was deciding whether Blur’s “Country House” or Oasis’ “Roll With It” should be number one, Pulp slipped out…

  • Should You Buy Nineties Vinyl?

    Should You Buy Nineties Vinyl?

    …and a discussion of Record Collector’s Logic. Also: The Great R.E.M. CD / Vinyl Hunt… Have we reached peak vinyl? Should we all pile in to CDs now the price is a tiny fraction of the cost of vinyl?  Is nineties vinyl going to be a great investment? Or would we all be better off…