So Farewell then…Jocky Wilson

Top of the Pops Jocky Wilson

A quick word for darts legend Jocky Wilson who died today aged 62.

Jocky, as many of you will know, made the often difficult leap from World of Sport ’80’s darts icon to trivia and pop culture legend after having his face plastered twenty feet high as the backdrop to Dexy’s Midnight Runner’s Top of the Pops appearance of “Jackie Wilson Said“.

Some said it was an error by a tea boy, others have claimed it was a deliberate joke in honour of the great man.

A classic clip for compilation shows, the moment can also be enjoyed on YouTube.

I also think Not the Nine O’Clock News summed up that era of darts beautifully with their darts player sketch:

Fun Fact: you can identify whether somebody is under thirty years of age by asking them if they have heard of Dexy’s Midnight Runners. If you get a blank stare, you know they are under thirty. This doesn’t work as well using any other band name.  Try it…

As a further aside it took me twenty years to realise that Dexy’s song was a cover version of a Van Morrison song.

I have mentioned my appalling knowledge of rock and roll (as I grew up) before, but for the record here is a snappily titled list of the Top Ten Cover Versions I Heard Before the Original:

  1. Stairway to Heaven (Far Corporation)
  2. Mama Weer All Crazee Now (Mama’s Boys)
  3. Come Together (Aerosmith)
  4. Dear Prudence (Siouxsie and the Banshees)
  5. Hard To Handle (Black Crowes)
  6. Kick Out the Jams (Blue Oyster Cult)
  7. We Can Work it Out (Stars on 45)
  8. Anarchy in the UK (Megadeth)
  9. The Real Me (W.A.S.P. – a tune I only realised was by The Who when I saw Quadrophenia last year).
  10. Jackie Wilson Said (Dexy’s Midnight Runners).

So farewell then


I know you will look cocky

As you travel to

The Oche

In the Sky…

Record #25 – Van Morrison – Jackie Wilson Said


3 responses to “So Farewell then…Jocky Wilson”

  1. 80smetalman Avatar

    Cool list, although I prefer Magedeth’s version of No More Mr Nice Guy


    1. every record tells a story Avatar

      Me too – the only thing was, I’d heard Alice Cooper’s version of that already


  2. Phillip Helbig Avatar

    Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” by The Cardigans, anyone?


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