Classic Rock Magazine Fanpack

Rush Release New Clockwork Angels Keyring

Classic Rock Magazine Fanpack
A return to form – harking back to the classic ’70s keyrings…

Rush Clockwork Angels Keyring described as “return to form” and comes with free magazine and CD.

Excitement was building for Rush fans today on the eve of the band’s latest Keyring release, in association with Classic Rock Magazine.

Drummer Neil Peart looked enthusiastic at the press conference to launch the Keyring. “The Keyring has been a culmination of eighteen months’ hard work in the studio. The idea came when we got very drunk in a restaurant one day. After three bottles of red wine Geddy said “let’s make an orange one this time” and the rest is history. It’s a very modern concept Keyring, and better than our last one, which just had a load of snakes and ladders on it”.

Clockwork Angels

Geddy Lee was also keen on it. “I think it’s up there with our classic Moving Pictures keyring, or perhaps A Farewell To Keys”.

The critics have also been effusive in their praise. Kerrang‘s 5/5 review says “this is an essential addition to any Rush fan’s keyring collection” and The Locksmith and Ironmongery Journal gave it 4/4 describing the keyring as “nicely made and not just a cheap piece of tat to accompany the launch of a new album”.

 Classic Rock Fanpack Geddy Lee

The Keyring is released on 11th June in a Classic Rock Magazine Fanpack and comes with a 132 page magazine and a copy of Clockwork Angels, the new album by Rush, which is pretty good, by the way. Stay tuned for more Rush news tomorrow…

Record #55: Rush – Clockwork Angels





3 responses to “Rush Release New Clockwork Angels Keyring”

  1. Heavy Metal Overload Avatar

    Hmmm, I’m not sure. I just received my Key-Ring the other day and I think it’s a bit of a let down, although I have to say I have got a bit out of touch with their latter day key-rings. Luckily the free mag and cd that were included with it mean it wasn’t a complete disappointment. I think a lot of people just really want to like this key-ring.


  2. Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 17th June 2012 « HEAVY METAL OVERLOAD Avatar

    […] – Clockwork Angels One of these magazine/album/crap freebie fan-packs that many bands are releasing these days. Once the Manowar one arrives that’ll be […]


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