R.I.P Jon Lord


When we were young, my friends and I would talk for hours about who would be in The Greatest Ever Band.

The Best Drummer discussion would often be between



 The position of Best Guitarist was always hotly contested…


But when it came to Keyboards, there was never any argument.

Because Jon Lord was the Guv’nor.

R.I.P. Jon Lord

Record#72: Deep Purple – Highway Star





10 responses to “R.I.P Jon Lord”

  1. mikeslayen Avatar

    Totally agree! No other metal keyboardist compares.


  2. Phillip Helbig Avatar

    Indeed, a great loss. After he retired from Deep Purple, he wrote a song for, and performed with, Frida Lyngstad. The man had taste.

    I saw the reincarnated Mark II lineup. I also saw Jon Lord in a very small club in Hamburg while the reincarnated Mark II lineup was still going, or shortly thereafter, together with Pete York and Colin Hodgkinson. (York played on Sarabande and Lord and Hodgkinson were both in Whitesnake.)

    I’m wondering whether to see the current Purple Lineup. Any suggestions? Morse and Airey are definitely technically competent, and one has to give them points for stepping into some very big shoes. I’m not a big Purple fan, but do enjoy a good live concert. (In general, I see more stuff live than I would listen to on CD.)

    On another note, I saw Blackmore’s Night last night. Great show musically and with the appropriate amount of humour. I think “We are serious about what we do, but we don’t take ourselves seriously” applies here. Ritchie was having the time of his life. Nice to see someone doing something because he really enjoys it. (He could probably play Vegas for 10 times the money.) Good music (a matter of taste, of course, but I do like Tylman Susato), technically very good, great sound, 3-hour set. The man is 67 and still gives it some welly in concert. His wife (and lead singer) is 26 years younger and gave birth to their second child (Blackmore’s 3rd altogether; his first child is several years older than his wife) a few months ago.


    1. every record tells a story Avatar

      Thanks for your comments. I haven’t seen the latest incarnation of DP live, but I am told their shows have been excellent.


  3. mikeladano Avatar

    Bummed. Very bummed.


  4. 80smetalman Avatar

    I saw Deep Purple in 85 and was very impressed with his keyboard solo. He helped to prove that keyboards could be used effectively with heavy rock. RIP Jon, you will be sorely missed.


  5. […] R.I.P Jon Lord(everyrecordtellsastory.com) […]


  6. I Made You A Mixtape Avatar

    The coolest ever. It was a sad, sad day.


  7. purplemary54 Avatar

    I did not see a single story about this in the U.S. That kinda sucks. I’ll have to pay him a little tribute over at the jukebox.


    1. every record tells a story Avatar

      There was a full page obituary in The Times here…


  8. mikeladano Avatar

    Luckily I got to see Purple with Jon Lord on the Purpendicular tour — a most excellent tour. Fantastic concert, in my top 3 for sure. Of course, a highlight was gentleman Lord’s organ solo. Mesmerizing.


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