A Free Rock n Roll Walking Tour of London

A Rock ‘n Roll Tour of London: Take a free walking tour of London’s best Rock n Roll Landmarks

What with the Olympics of 2012, London is continuing to attract its fair share of visitors. But they haven’t all come to watch the elephant wrestling and beach judo or whatever it is that passes for Olympic sport nowadays. Archery? That’s just darts without beer isn’t it?

For those that are here, London has never looked better. There are fewer Londoners for a start. The propaganda campaign to discourage locals from travelling in and around London has done the trick. The genius who came up with the idea that commuters should work from home has won the day. The result? London is a ghost town outside of the Olympic venues, and the lack of stressed out locals with low tolerance for tourists and low levels of morning caffeine means that everyone is much nicer to each other. It’s a win / win situation. Except on the central line, which remains as ghastly and hot as ever and in which you can’t move for Olympic volunteers wearing lanyards and London 2012 polo shirts.

Come to London: it’s a ghost town, honest…

So if you have been put off a visit to London by the warnings of travel nightmares caused by the Olympics, let me assure you that it’s quieter than usual (as long as you avoid Stratford) not to mention friendlier.

And although it is said that when one tires of London, one tires of life itself, it is conceivable that one might just tire of the London Olympics. Maybe. There’s only so much badminton match fixing, beach volleyball watching, North-Korea-upsetting and only so many swimming-up-and-down-in-marginally-different-ways-and-distances racing that one can take before having to lie down in a dark room with a cold wet towel on the head.

It must be awful for the Chinese and Americans in particular who have to deal with the relentless tedium of winning all those Gold Medals, albeit we Brits are enjoying a bit of that too with the recent success in the athletics, rowing, cycling, sailing, shooting and tennis. I think the nation is in shock at the moment that we are actually good at sports – we’re much more used to self-loathing and disappointment. Not only that, we’ve been accused of gamesmanship by the French! If there’s one thing better than the warm glow of winning medals it can only be the knowledge that you’ve annoyed a Frenchman whilst doing it… Just kidding mes amis…

So for those musically-minded visitors who would like to take their mind off the games just for a moment, Every Record Tells A Story has come up with a bespoke walking tour around some musical landmarks. And if you live in London, why not spend an hour or two in between the beach volleyball and bouts of tae kwando discovering places that you might have walked past a hundred times without really noticing before?

Click below for the full tour (with narrative), which will be a permanent page on the Every Record Tells A Story site. At the top of this page is also a Google Map version to take with you on your walk.

Don’t forget there are also a few excellent exhibitions on right now. The Rolling Stones: 50 photo exhibition at Somerset House, The Stone Roses photo exhibition at Whiteley’s and The Jimi Hendrix show in Endell St, Covent Garden.

Link to Rock ‘n Roll Walking Tour of London

Record #80: Kirsty MacCollSoho Square


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