For Sale: Can You Guess Which Rock Star’s House Is On The Market?

The House of your Wildest Dreams...

The House of your Wildest Dreams…

It’s not every day that a rock legend puts their house up for sale…but whose house is it? Let’s look Through the Keyhole

Knowing that the demographics of the Every Record Tells A Story readership includes many multi-millionaire rock fans, where better for a rock star to advertise their des res than in these very pages? Well – apart from at the Estate Agent (Hamptons International) that is actually being used to sell the thing obviously…

Want to have a look? OK – here’s the Estate Agent’s description:

Approached via a pretty country lane and private gated entrance into a sweeping gravel driveway with large parking area, Sheering Hall is a substantial country house of some 11,000 sq ft full of character and period features throughout. The property offers a fantastic variety of facilities for entertaining on a grand scale.

  • 5 reception rooms
  • 7/8 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 3 shower rooms
  • conservatory
  • games/cinema room
  • indoor pool complex with gym area
  • galleried recording studio
  • football pitch

Not just a recording studio: A Galleried Recording Studio….

If you do end up buying it and saw it here first don’t forget to thank me. Contractually, I don’t think I’m entitled to any reward, but perhaps you can invite me over for a game of tennis on the tennis court – or we can go Running Free on the full-sized football pitch? Who would live in a house like this?

Anyone for Tennis?

Anyone for Tennis?

After tennis, we might want to seek Sanctuary in the swimming pool, which features a very fetching mural on the back wall.

Steve Harris Swimming Pool

Clue: I was rather hoping to see a well known band mascot there, but presumably Mrs X put her foot down. Nothing more jarring – after a quick thirty lengths of the pool – than to see a dead-eyed zombie standing before you. At least that’s what my wife keeps telling me when she sees me first thing in the morning.

After our swim, perhaps a quick drink would restore the tissues in the fully equipped bar?

Perhaps some Ruddles on tap?

Perhaps some Ruddles on tap?

Clue: Draft beer on tap, (to have a few “wets”), a pool table (some Wasted Years spent on there no doubt), and a football pennant – not from West Ham United as you might expect, but from Brazilian side Vasco De Gama. Maybe this person has been to South America recently?

After a drink we could retire to the blue room – and admire the six gold discs on the wall, and look through an extensive record collection sitting neatly on the shelves.

Is that Duck-Egg Blue on the walls?

Is that Duck-Egg Blue on the walls?

Clue: Is that a rare copy of The Soundhouse Tapes?

Some nice lighting in here – which should help any potential buyers with a Fear of the Dark. Does the the time on the clock show two minutes to midnight?

Have you guessed yet?

I suspect you have, but i’ll put you out of your misery just in case. It belongs to Iron Maiden bass player and songwriter Steve Harris. Disappointingly, the address is not 22 Acacia Avenue

The property has been out up for sale at Hamptons Estate Agents for £6.75m. That’s a price that will make all but the most enthusiastic potential purchaser Run To The Hills

Record # 123: Iron Maiden – 22 Acacia Avenue

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22 replies

  1. I think maybe he should have thought about renting it. Is that an old red telephone box outside it?


  2. I guessed correctly, but only because I read he was selling his house recently. Unlike his old house, no giant Eddie head on the lawn!


  3. That’s not a house! That’s a space station!


  4. do I get a discount for knowing Derek (who did/does the Eddie designs)?


  5. It’s Steve ‘Arris’ from Iron Maiden. What do I win?


  6. He’s selling cos its really naff? as a qualifier I met Steve a few years back and he seemed like a really nice bloke, and I’m a massive Maiden fan, so not just being mean for the sake of it.


  7. Fair comment, or he’s finally decided like Nicko and Davey to move somewhere warmer?


  8. He lives between his houses in The Bahamas and LA now and has done for quite a few years now. The house in Sheering Hall was sold as he didn’t use it very often.


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