Albums of the Year! From 25 Years Ago! What Were They Thinking?!

Kerrang Albums of 1987

Did you used to look forward to magazine end of year best-of lists? The magazine I bought every week when I was a teenager was Kerrang! magazine – and (true to form for someone of the highest geekery such as myself) I read every issue from cover to cover.

And I would look forward to the end of year lists hugely. I know that, because when I finally chucked away all my copies of Kerrang! in the nineties, I actually cut out the end of year lists and kept them safe in a drawer, in case they should ever come in handy. I know. It’s tragic isn’t it?

The end-of-year lists were important though. Firstly, it was a measure of taste. How did I measure up to the venerable journalists of the nation’s finest music paper? Was my utter devotion to Tesla’s Mechanical Resonance a normal thing, or was it, in fact, unspeakably naff?

Secondly, Kerrrang! would list each individual journalist’s choices for the year. This would allow me to a) see which writer had a similar taste to mine by counting how many shared albums we had and b) see if I had somehow overlooked anything good.

I can see that the seventeen year old me had written in black biro the exact number of albums that I owned next to each journalist’s name. Kerrang’s Editor (and current editor of Classic Rock Magazine) Geoff Barton had just one record that I owned in his top twenty: Metallica’s $5.98 EP. Steve “Krusher” Joule had nine. Sylvie Simmons on the other hand had twelve and Mick Wall had fifteen!

Places 5-20 of Kerrang's Albums of 1987

Places 5-20 of Kerrang’s Albums of 1987. Note the number inscribed next to each journalist’s name, indicating how many albums I owned by each. Very sad.

It is fun to apply hindsight to the list. Appetite For Destruction was a lowly fourth, behind Aerosmith’s Permanent Vacation in first place, Whitesnake’s 1987 in second and Anthrax’s Among The Living in 3rd. It wasn’t until the following year that the album went stratospheric, but I guess it was still a decent showing for a debut album. It’s fair to say that neither Permanent Vacation nor Whitesnake’s 1987 have aged as well as Appetite For Destruction. I bought the US import of the Whitesnake album, because it had a better track listing. It still wouldn’t have made my top ten of that year – I remember being pretty disappointed with the change of direction Coverdale had taken. Looking back, I’m not sure why.

There is no Husker Du on the list. On anyone’s list. No Pixies. Hard rock was still very segregated from punk. Faith No More released their first album that year. It’s nowhere. Black Sabbath showed just how unfashionable they were as Eternal Idol did nothing to convince even Kerrang! it was one of the twenty best records of the year. And Dio’s Dream Evil was roundly ignored by the critics. And as for Bruce Willis’ The Return of Bruno: criminally overlooked!

Bryan Adams with Kerrang's Album of 1985

Bryan Adams with Kerrang’s Album of 1985

Going back to 1986 and 1985 is also fun. Kerrang’s best album of 1985? Bryan Adams’ Reckless. Kate Bush was at #2! There’s a band there called Jason and the Scorchers. No, me neither. The newly reformed original line-up of Aerosmith had a new record called Done With Mirrors. It didn’t sell too well and most people had written them off, but there they were at number three…maybe they’d limp on and do another record?

It's actually the albums of 1986. Clearly no-one at Kerrang! Magazine even knew what year it was...

It’s actually the albums of 1986. Clearly no-one at Kerrang! Magazine even knew what year it was…

The albums of 1986 (helpfully titled 1987 in Kerrang that year for some reason) include Peter Gabriel’s So at #5, but David Lee Roth’s Eat ‘Em And Smile just beat Slayer’s Reign In Blood and Metallica’s Master of Puppets to the number one slot. Journalists loved David Lee Roth because he always gave them something good to write about, and it did feature Steve Vai’s big league debut. I preferred 5150, languishing at #16. Megadeth added to the emergence of the Big Four with their Peace Sells album at #6, showing how thrash metal had become Big News. And The Beastie BoysLicensed To Ill and Run DMC’s Raising Hell both crossed over into the rock world.

Kerrang Magazine, Albums of the Year

More albums of 1986

Bafflingly from my sixteen year old perspective, there was no Orgasmatron, Night Songs, Russian Roulette, Inside The Electric Circus, or Seventh Star…but there was Billy Idol…

Record #126: Aerosmith – My Fist Your Face

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  1. Sylvie Simmonds always had good tastes. And I’m guessing that’s the only end-of-year list that Billy Idol ever appeared in anywhere.


  2. I gave away all my old rock magazines. What a shame.

    The Firm…wow.

    Hindsight is always 20/20. Whitesnake 1987 is one I still enjoy. Aerosmith…not so much. But didn’t Faith No More release their second album in 87? Wasn’t We Care A Lot in 1986? Regardless the second album was much better anyway.


    • The second album was in ’88 – because it is in Kerrang’s end of year list for 1988 which I also have. I’ll save that for next year…


      • Great that you kept your magazines. I’m sure 25 years ago you were thinking, “I might need these one day when I am a flamous blogger…” before blogging had been invented of course!


      • Exactly. I just knew I’d need them one day. Never knew why until now…
        PS. Didn’t keep the magazines – just these articles…


      • Where can i get kerrang or metal hammer (or U.S equivalent) album and singles charts for mostly 80’s, secondly 90’s . Specific website address,then Specific search term for those Specific decades, with the relevant result Title ,on which page to click on.
        Todays word is Specific… the other is Relevant…. the other is Useful !!! They couldnt understand that in M etalF orum .com. 😵 😱 💀
        God, i hate those forum “discussion” things. They dont state where to find the good tune/s on each album, just red herring/false path playlists to gaslight and “discussion ” topics to “discuss” 😵 😱 💀. I can accept albums only released instead of singles so band can make more money but i cant be arsed going through ten tracks on each album in the top 40 album charts. saw year of release list of albums in wikipedia but author didnt state the highest chart position for each album😵 😱 💀 ; about 230 releases each year, didnt state where source of list is from😵 😱 💀 I might do top 5, but reckon im kidding myself. Even just years 1984-1988 would mean something. Also, indie-alternative, dance,punk. In this context im using ‘Metal’ as a general term to include hard rock, thrash or whatever. Underground/specialist radio show charts not mainstream/pop charts. i also hate it when a youtuber playlist is titled something like ‘Indie of 80’s ‘ ,and every band – without exception- is in mainstream charts. Also, comments like ‘goth these days isnt like back in my day’ but when i click onto playlist ….,there isnt one ! 😵 😱 💀
        Wiki: search: 1987 in heavy metal music…Title of first result ,top of page,scroll down on same page for list of albums.


      • The internet isn’t the best place for what you are looking for as it all requires interpretation, I would find an old copy of Kerrang! They had two-weekly charts. Read the contemporary reviews.


  3. I saw the Aerosmith ‘Done With Mirrors’ tour. It was actually right before the album came out and was called the ‘Back In the Saddle’ tour. It was my first front row experience!
    I also saw the ‘Rock In a Hard Place’ tour years earlier without Joe Perry. It was still great! Steven was in overload.
    Both great albums.


  4. I guess you never know what’s going to age well – 25 years on, Appetite’s looking timeless!


  5. Lists and opinions are like A** H***s….everybodys got one. Obviously magazines are in the biz of selling magazines so their lists may be slightly skewed towards that end! I never enjoyed those lists cuz they didnt reflect what I listened to and tend to reflect pop culture.


  6. Oohhh I love a good year-end list! That’s great that you kept these. I have limitless love for Whitesnake’s 1987 so I don’t mind it’s high listing one iota. Permanent Vacation still holds up… but maybe not that much! And I have heard of Jason and the Scorchers! Heard of… not actually heard. I’d rate Eat ‘Em and Smile over 5150 personally but both great albums.


  7. A Farewell to Kings and Songs from the Wood, two of the best albums of all time, in the same year. They even sound similar (listen to the symbols). Oh, that was 35 years ago. Time flies.


  8. Fun (if slightly nerdy) fact – knowing of my love of Metal and Rock, my new brother-in-law gifted me his old, binder-encased copies of “Kerrang!” as a gift when I joined the family.

    I still buy it from time to time – but music moves on and it isn’t quite the same mag these days. Not that it should be, I suppose…


  9. Quality sub-editing on the 86′ list at Kerrang! (hehe don’t remember that but very funny). Very interesting to look back on this as was when I really cared about this stuff – I remember was outraged they put DLR’s album at No.1, which I thought was crap ahead of the mighty Maiden, QR, Slayer and Magnum – I love all these albums to this day so maybe its something about the 16 year old brain?!


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