2012 In Pictures

As 2012 comes to a close, here are a few concert pictures that I took which best capture the year from my perspective:

Just to show that this blog is not just about me making jokes about my favourite musicians, I thought I would share these images. From festivals in The Isle of Wight and Hyde Park, to intimate gigs in London and the Peak District. From Bruce Springsteen, Soundgarden, and Iggy Pop to Sweet Billy Pilgrim, Cowbell and Paul Weller. Have a look at my gallery for more like this.

Click on any picture to get it fullscreen.  If you get to the end, please let me know what your favorite photo of mine from 2012 was!

Happy New Year to one and all – thank you for dropping by this year and here’s to 2013…

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9 replies

  1. Some great pics. Palma Violets is pure rock’n’roll! As is Iggy of course.


  2. Yes they’re all good. I’m not hip to the Palma Violets yet, but that pic makes me want to be. That one captures such energy, good stuff.


  3. That Palma Violets image is a great dynamic shot….and does Iggy even own a shirt?


  4. red lighting sucks. should be outlawed. nicely varied selection



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