The Byronic Man Hosts An Every Record Q&A

The Byronic Man
The Byronic Man

Every Record Tells A Story Hits America!

OK, it’s not quite that glamorous. I have written a piece for one of my favourite fellow bloggers, the excellent and very funny Byronic Man.

In his own words, The Byronic Man is described as “The Best Humor Blog in America That I, Personally, Write”. The Byronic Man is sometimes fiction, sometimes autobiography. And sometimes cultural criticism. Oh, and occasionally reviews. Okay, it’s all those different things, but always humorous. Except on the occasions that it’s not.

In fact he used to be a stand up comic, and now also writes the odd thing about music, which was how I stumbled upon him in the first place.

The link to my article is here, and I encourage you to trawl through The Byronic Man’s site and read his own work, including gems such as:






One response to “The Byronic Man Hosts An Every Record Q&A”

  1. The Byronic Man Avatar

    Well I like this post a LOT…


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