Pink Floyd, Dark Side Of The Moon and The Wizard of Oz

Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon

On 2 March 1973, Pink Floyd released ‘Dark Side of the Moon‘ onto an unsuspecting world. The album spent 741 consecutive weeks in the US charts, just one week less than it took Wayne Rooney to learn how to spell ‘Dark Side of the Moon‘.

The concept for ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ centred around the big sources of stress that people face in their lives. Travel, Money, Madness, Mortality, getting the lids off jam jars when you have wet hands, the price of Ticketmaster booking fees. Not all these ideas made it through to the final album.

It was Roger Waters‘ first album as sole lyricist, but he only sang on the last two songs, with Gilmour taking on most of the lead vocals. Rick Wright stepped up on songwriting duties, with ‘The Great Gig In The Sky and ‘Us And Them‘.

The iconic cover was just one of several ideas Storm Thorgerson had – with a rejected photographic treatment of Marvel Comics’ Silver Surfer at a beach perhaps being one of Rock’s Great Lost Ideas.

I’ll let other people comment on the social impact of this fine record. The more compelling question we can ask is “Should I really watch The Wizard of Oz and play ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ at the same time?”

Although history is quiet on where this idea first took hold, the concept that some of the words and pictures kind of went together when playing Dark Side of the Moon and watching The Wizard of Oz was first discussed on-line in 1994. There were certainly many instances of a kind of synchronicity. It was almost as if The Dark Side of the Moon had been deliberately composed with The Wizard of Oz in mind….Spooky.

Or was it?

So let’s have a look at this rather strange phenomenon. Even the instructions are the subject of some debate: Do you start the album at the first roar of the MGM lion, or the last? Dark Side of The Rainbow-ists (for there are such beings – I think most of them like Lord of the Rings and Star-Trek too) disagree. If in doubt, turn on the DVD and press pause at the second MGM lion roar. Then drop the needle on your copy of Dark Side of The Moon, and release the DVD pause button as it begins…

"Look Around" say the lyrics to Breathe: So what does Dorothy do at That Very Moment?
“Look Around” say the lyrics to Breathe:
So what does Dorothy do at that very moment?

As Breathe begins, there are a few notable coincidences. Gasp in amazement as Dorothy looks around at exactly the same moment that Gilmour sings the words “Look around and choose your own ground“.

When at last the work is done” chimes out as one of the farmers hits his thumb with a hammer…

"Balanced on the biggest wave!"

…”Balanced on the biggest wave” comes in whilst Dorothy balances on the pig sty – and as the song continues with …”towards an early grave” she falls in…technically that’s not a grave she’s fallen into of course, it’s a pig sty – unless you consider those pigs are being fattened up for the table…

The clocks of "Time" all go off to signify Miss Gultch's arrival on bicycle...

The chiming of bells (bicycle bells?) ring through as Miss Gultch arrives by bicycle. They stop as soon as she dismounts. Weird. Surely the band were watching the film and getting all this to match up?

The Great Gig in the Sky not only lasts the exact time that the house is in the air, but some of the talk-over bits link nicely....
The Great Gig in the Sky not only lasts the exact time that the house is in the air, but some of the talk-over bits link nicely….

Dorothy runs away to Professor Marvell during Time, and he talks her into going back home as “Home, home again” in Time is sung.

Then Toto jumps through Dorothy’s window just as Gilmour sings “Waiting for something to show you the way“… it really is extraordinary. Sort of. I mean, Gilmour didn’t sing “Dorothy’s dog jumps through a window” which might have settled the debate once and for all, but even still that’s pretty strange right?

The Great Gig In The Sky then amazingly coincides with the Tornado scene – and the song and tornado end in perfect synchronicity.

The Munchkins "dance" to Us and Them...
The Munchkins “dance” to Us and Them…

Not yet convinced? The Muchkins dance beautifully…(and sort of in time)…

Black and Blue / and Who knows which is (witch) and who is who...?
Black and Blue / and Who knows which is (witch) and who is who…?

…and as Us and Them continues with “Black ….(witch appears)…and Blue (colour of Dorothy’s dress)..and who knows which (witch?) is which and who is who…”

As Brain Damage kicks in we have the Scarecrow scene singing “If I only had a Brain“. C’mon – that’s a big coincidence…although not having a brain is different to having brain damage, as anyone who has noticed the difference between Wayne Rooney (no brain) and Top Gear’s Richard Hammond (had brain injury) will attest…

Brain damage? - "if I only had a brain"
Brain damage? – “if I only had a brain”

I guess I should lay my cards on the table. I don’t believe for one minute that Roger Waters had The Wizard of Oz in mind when he wrote the lyrics to Dark Side of the Moon. The biggest elephant in the room being the many moments where the words do not match the visuals in any way shape or form. But it’s still fun to spot all the times that they do match. And I dare say if your senses are heightened by (ahem) some external stimulus, I can well imagine this would be a mind blowing experience. It is less so watching the thing on YouTube stone cold sober, although DSotM is perhaps the weaker for not having either Somewhere Over The Rainbow or If I Only Had A Brain tucked away somewhere on side 2…

For those who don’t have a copy of either Dark Side of the Moon or The Wizard of Oz, then happily there are these helpful YouTubers who have had a go at replicating the experience. Not as atmospheric peering at your tablet or computer screen as it is lowering the lights in your room whilst listening to a deep, boomingly loud stereo system and a fifty inch TV set, but each to their own.

Here’s a clip with some commentary – which is where the screen shots have been taken from.

Next week I will look at how Jennifer Aniston’s Marley and Me perfectly synchs with Slayer’s God Hates Us All

Record #159 : Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon


22 responses to “Pink Floyd, Dark Side Of The Moon and The Wizard of Oz”

  1. 80smetalman Avatar

    I said when I visited this album that it was one to listen to when you want to chill out while puffing the magic dragon. I think Pink Floyd may have been doing so when they made this album. I never thought of linking it to the Wizard of Oz, I’ll have to try that


    1. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

      It’ll open up a whole new world…


  2. Push Avatar

    I’ve never come across this theory before. Fascinating stuff. And completely potty, of course.


    1. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

      Absolutely. Or is it?
      (No it isn’t…)


  3. Avatar

    I’ve always loved this album. (For 40 years now? Wow! (I’m old))

    I agree that syncing it to the movie is ‘hog-wash’.

    Hey…have you heard The Flaming Lips cover ‘If I Only Had a Brain’?


    1. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

      Nice one – thank you for that. As for the Dark Side of the Rainbow? I think it is something we should all try once….and then dismiss out of hand.


  4. ianbalentine Avatar

    Love the Lips version there. Great. Also, I’m just curious. The album is about 42 minutes long, and the movie is at least double that in length, so what do you do when the album runs out? Flip it over and play it again?


    1. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

      There are theorists who say you should do just that. It is tempting to say that is just potty, but then you could say that equally about the idea in the first place…
      Needless to say, that’s a theory we should leave for another time…


  5. No Blog Intended Avatar

    I see why you liked my post :).
    Interesting much, this! You’d wonder how people disover this kind of things.


    1. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

      Too many banned substances and too much time on someone’s hands probably had something to do with it…


      1. Phillip Helbig Avatar

        You are young, and life is long, and there is time to kill today.


  6. KamerTunesBlog (by Rich Kamerman) Avatar

    I did the DSOTM/WoO thing when it was first suggested (late-90s?) and it was fun spotting all of the coincidences. I never for a minute believed that the band purposely structured the album around the movie, so to me it’s just one of those weird occurrences. I’m sure if you partake in enough stimulants, you’ll find the same thing happening with Rush’s 2112 & Casablanca or Genesis’ Foxtrot & Citizen Kane.

    This was a great post. I love the way you described the experience. Nicely done.


    1. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

      Thanks Rich. Glad to hear you have actually given this a go. I’m off to grab a copy of 2112 and a DVD of Casablanca – I think you might have something there. I’m sure The Temple of Syrinx is just behind Rick’s cafe…


  7. Keith Spillett Avatar

    This is a great breakdown. I have always wondered if their was any truth to it. I just figured it was some weird thing that people just ran wild with. I still think it is, but it is puzzling to see how often the two line up.


    1. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

      It’s worth a half hour of anyone’s time… But that’s about all.


  8. mikeslayen Avatar

    I did this years ago…instruction I had were after the 3rd lion roar. I was satisfied that they definitely wrote DSOTM as a soundtrack to the Wizard of OZ. Too many instances to be coincidences.


    1. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

      Nice to have a believer amongst us Mike…


      1. mikeslayen Avatar

        lol…I believe when the cash register starts ringing at the beginning of ‘Money’ is where the color comes into the movie, as well…I think it is pure genius and have no idea why they would deny it? How someone figured it out is even more perplexing.


      2. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

        You’re right about Money. The comment I read somewhere is that it is a comment upon how expensive colour film stock is compared with black and white. Tenuous isn’t the word…
        I’d be more impressed if the name of the song was “In Colour”…


  9. The Dark Side of the Moon 40th Anniversary at Vinyl Rewind and Truth And Salvage Company at the Sun Studio Sessions | Sunset Daily Avatar

    […] Happy 40th Birthday Dark Side Of The Moon. Now, About That Wizard of Oz Thing… ( […]


  10. Frank Avatar

    There’s a new Dark Side of OZ Special Edition 2014 DVD release out now. It even has pop-ups on screen that explain the symmetry of the video and audio. I think the creators youtube page is: DarkSideofOzSE


    1. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

      Sounds good – I’ll check that out – cheers


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