Retro Sounds Records, Newquay, Cornwall

Small but perfectly formed: Retro Sounds Records in Newquay, Carnwall
Small but perfectly formed: Retro Sounds Records in Newquay, Carnwall

On holiday in Cornwall this year?

Let me recommend a second hand record store:

Retro Sounds Records is a small but perfectly formed shop just off the high street in Newquay, a minute from the station and rammed with used vinyl of all kinds. I stumbled upon it a couple of weeks ago and thought it would be nice to get the word out.

Run by Ian Bunten for the last twenty years, inside its tiny walls I found a great selection of records. It’s a positive Tardis with far more records inside than would appear possible from the outside. What’s more, they are all pretty well organised – always a positive when poring through boxes of stuff whilst the family look on tapping their feet and metaphorically checking their watches to see if they have stopped working. Whilst I was there the clientèle ranged from a lady topping up her jukebox with old ’45s to a teenager poring through an old drum and bass bin. I stuck to the indie, rock and eighties boxes and came away with a couple of “finds” (see my Twitter feed or Instagram).

Clearly I realise this is not a massively useful post if you are reading this from Tahiti or Hawaii. Indeed, if you are in any of those places, I would probably be feeling reasonably pleased – as lovely as Cornwall is, it tends to err on the chilly side in comparison to the aforementioned Pacific islands and it probably isn’t worth the trip just to pick up a copy of Gary Numan’s third LP, a £3 copy of Tin Machine or even a mint £400 copy of Dark Side of the Moon or an early pressing of Black Sabbath’s debut LP – but don’t worry – we’ll have something else for you another day.

UPDATE – May 2015: Retro Sounds is now under new management and a new owner, Steve Godwin-Day. You can find Retro Sounds, Newquay’s Facebook page via this link

In the meantime – here’s a map:





7 responses to “Retro Sounds Records, Newquay, Cornwall”

  1. Dave Reynolds Avatar
    Dave Reynolds

    Is that James May leaving the shop??


    1. alf hockaday Avatar
      alf hockaday

      OK IAN Hope your enjoying your well earned retirement away from the likes of i.JAH As you know had our spats especially when the shelf { rickety } collapsed .But i do consider you a friend and you will be missed by a lot of folk including myself for your repartee and witty banter plus your knowledge which you hid under a bushel mostly?Please answer as i need stylus s for that 20 pound player i bought from you. Hope this missive has bought a tear.Doubt it If you have time post me also if you get any 45s ATB ALF


  2. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

    Harsh! It’s actually the shop owner: Ian.


  3. sheila holliday Avatar
    sheila holliday

    Terry and Sheila replying from Porth Newquay,The best vinyl record shop bar none.Ian we will keep you going…….


    1. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

      The fan club starts here…


  4. Keith Guest Avatar
    Keith Guest

    Will be in Newquay, next week whats your address please will pay you a visit


    1. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

      Hi – this isn’t the actual website for the record shop – i just wrote about it last year – but here’s a link to the address:
      Cheers – and happy hunting!


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