Paul McCartney Plays Covent Garden. Best. Busker. Ever.

Paul McCartney Covent Garden 1

Friday lunchtimes don’t get much better than today’s. If it wasn’t enough stopping the traffic on Hollywood Boulevard and Times Square, Paul McCartney decided to add the woes of London’s traffic wardens by parking his great big lorry outside the Punch and Judy Tavern in Covent Garden today.

“This is a change from the sixties – we’d have just been coming out of the clubs by now” joked Sir Paul as he and his band played a surprise gig at 1.30pm on the back of said lorry to a delighted – and packed – Covent Garden crowd.

Announced on Twitter with just an hour’s notice, this was a brief 20 minute showcase for McCartney’s new album, released on Monday and entitled “New”.

“We’re going to do some songs from the “New” album so get your phones out!” McCartney added before observing wryly, “As if they weren’t already…”

Playing four songs from the album, and latest single “New” twice, presumably for a video, the new (or is that “New”?) songs sounded great.

What with it being a last minute affair, I didn’t have a decent camera with me, but hopefully these pictures give you flavour of the thing.

Paul McCartney Covent Garden

Whilst not as epoch making as a certain rooftop show on the Apple Building in nearby Saville Row, this free Covent Garden busk a hundred yards from the Apple Store was a decent 2013 version.

As McCartney and band took a bow the former Beatle exclaimed, “Thank you! Now back to work!”

Here’s some YouTube footage:

As the rest of us trudged back to our offices, McCartney then popped across to an album signing at HMV‘s new store at 363 Oxford St, where earlier this week they celebrated its opening by giving away a free 7″ promo single of Beatles On Air – Live at the BBC vol 2.

The Beatles HMV On Air Vol 2 BBC

Perhaps when the Beatles covered “Money” they had it wrong: what with free Beatles records and free McCartney gigs, this week it seems that the best things in life really are free…

Record #245: Paul McCartney – Queenie Eye

Paul McCartney Covent Garden show – set list:

  • New
  • Save Us
  • Everybody Out There
  • Queenie Eye
  • New (again)






4 responses to “Paul McCartney Plays Covent Garden. Best. Busker. Ever.”

  1. Col Avatar

    I heard about this but couldn’t get away from the office. So while you were enjoying it I was stuck in a meeting about a new strategy for something or other!! I won’t mention the strategy but I know that forever more, whenever it’s mentioned or referenced I will twitch and jerk on the outside like Herbert Lom in a Pink Panther film!!!!!


    1. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

      Many commiserations. That’s a nice image of Herbert Lom though!
      I was very glad I didn’t also have a meeting to attend, strategic or otherwise.


  2. Dave Reynolds Avatar
    Dave Reynolds

    Nice to see my buddy Brian Ray up there. He used to be a member of the Reggie Knighton Band in the late 70s. In addition to playing with Macca he has a great pop rock band called The Bayonets. Check ;’em out at


    1. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

      I just looked him up. I have seen McCartney a few times now and have always been impressed by his band. Interesting to learn a bit more about Brian – thanks.


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