Every Record Tells A Story Photos of 2013

“People take pictures of the summer / Just in case someone thought they had missed it / And to prove that it really existed…”

Ray Davies: “People Take Pictures Of Each Other”

As 2014 begins, I thought it would be good to look back at 2013 through the pictures I took at various gigs. It had been a good year for live shows with the likes of established stars such as Ray Davies, Wilko Johnson, Elvis Costello, ZZ Top, Paul McCartney and Alison Moyet alongside new artists like The History of Apple Pie, Drenge, London Grammar, Temples, The Strypes and Jake Bugg. In addition there was Suede, Masters of Reality, Arcade Fire, Atoms For Peace, John Grant and British Sea Power who all impressed me greatly.

One of my favourite gig moments was finding Chris Martin standing next to me in the bar at The Roundhouse during the Arcade Fire gig. I don’t bump into musicians very often *** and it took all my moral fibre and sense of decency not to try to sneak / ask for a photo. That, and the fact that he looks surprisingly strong and tall for a supposedly weedy indie rocker and I sensed he could probably beat me in a fight using his skills in the ancient art of Ju-Jitsu assisted by his pro-biotic diet * giving him super strength.

So here’s a collection of some of my favourite photos from the year – hope you enjoy them – and once again here’s wishing you a Happy New Year and a most excellent 2014! Have a look at my gallery for more like this. Click on any picture to get it fullscreen. If you get to the end, please let me know what your favourite photo of mine from 2013 was!

Oh, and if Chris Martin is reading this ** and wants to appear in my “Photos of 2014”, then do get in touch.

  • * Probably. Actually I have no idea. I just made this up. I don’t even know if “pro-biotic” is a thing. Is it a thing?
  • ** This really does seem incredibly unlikely, and given all the pro-biotic nonsense I have just come up with, I suspect I just blew my chances regardless…
  • *** by which I mean “almost never”.

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9 replies

  1. Great photos, great blog – thoroughly enjoyed ERTAS in 2013. Here’s to 2014….


  2. I’m incredibly jealous….I mean, happy for you. What an incredible group of bands you saw this past year. I so wanted to see Atoms For Peace in Chicago back in October. The only show I saw 2013 was My Bloody Valentine. It was great, nonetheless, but there were so many my wife and I didn’t get to see.

    Thanks for sharing your amazing year of concerts with the rest of us.


  3. I really, really, really like that Elvis Costello shot.

    By the way I was talking to Chris Martin and he asked me to get in touch with you for him.


  4. You are so badass…thanks for sharing your incredible experiences with us!


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