What’s Your Favourite Father’s Day Song?

Here’s one for the dads out there…

It’s Father’s Day today, unless you are from somewhere apart from the UK, when Father’s Day is probably in March or something. Sorry if I got your hopes up…

It’s a day when a Dad can actually shuffle about the house playing records without feeling vaguely guilty that they aren’t doing something more constructive, like DIY, gardening, fixing stuff or asking the kids challenging questions, such as “Do you think I’m made of money?”

Having been a father myself for ten years, I have found myself easing into the role, and approaching mid-season form. For example, I have found myself recently embracing phrases that only dads use, including:

(When the heating is on and a window or door is open) “Oh, I’m paying to heat the street now am I?”

(When lights are left on) “It’s like Blackpool Illuminations in here... ”

…and the all time classic “Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know...”

It’s all good fun, annoying your children with simple truths. I feel I am simply handing down centuries of tradition.

However, if you are a dad and at a loose end as to what to put on your stereo today, I’d like to recommend a tune. And no, it’s not that Cat Stevens one.

There are a few classic songs with a paternal theme. Here’s one or two that instantly spring to mind:

  • Mike and the Mechanics: The Living Years
  • Simon and Garfunkel: Bridge over Troubled Water
  • Madonna: Papa Don’t Preach
  • Stevie Wonder: Isn’t She Lovely

But the song that stands out for me isn’t by any of these artists.

It’s by Ben Folds, and it’s called “Still Fighting It”, from his Rockin’ The Suburbs LP.

It never fails to connect with me – it’s such a lovely song that sums up all the fears and vulnerabilities you might have about being a dad, and the worries you have for your children whilst also celebrating “how I picked you up and everything changed”.

“You’re so much like me / I’m sorry” is such a killer line. 

Give it a listen, especially today on Father’s Day.

Oh, and if you want a few more tunes to play today whilst you open the bottle of Brut 33 aftershave you’ve been bought (or if you’re very lucky, Hai Karate), here’s a Father’s Day Spotify playlist of a bunch of tunes I love, and which will be ideal to irritate your children with. Or if you are very fortunate, to give them a sufficient excuse to dance around the room with you.

Do you know another Father’s Day song (that doesn’t involve Cat Stevens or Westlife?) if so, let me know in the comments section…

Have a good Father’s Day…





8 responses to “What’s Your Favourite Father’s Day Song?”

  1. borntomum Avatar

    I have to wait until September here in Australia. I don’t have a song, but more of a vibe. Two years ago I got Jack White’s Lazaretto on vinyl, my kids were 5 and just over 1, it was Mum who took on the hints, but the LP reminds of then. I wrote about it here… http://bit.ly/WrERAK

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  2. Liamg Avatar

    The song that comes to mind for me is Springsteen’s walk like a man from his tunnel of love lp.”all I remember is being 5 years old walking behind you at the beach, tracing your foot steps in the sand trying to walk like a man”. Great article today.

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  3. Dave Avatar

    This makes two of us from Australia on this page. One obvious Aussie song is Father’s Day by Weddings, Parties, Anything. A beautiful song but oh so sad – about the struggle to keep the relationship with a child going via weekly visits, when there’s been a split with Mum. So not exactly THE Fathers’s day joy of burnt toast made by a proud little tacker, and a gift voucher to spend at the garden centre. It starts:

    I haven’t always been a single man
    I haven’t always lived up here
    Along with all these other single men
    With a ring around the bath, and a cigarette butt in my beer
    I haven’t always been a lonely man
    And I haven’t always lived alone

    The key lines are in the chorus:

    On any other day, I might care what you say
    But every Saturday is Father’s Day…

    There must be 10s of thousands of songs about being a Dad, but another one which certainly fits a new father’s joy and would work on his first Father’s Day is another Aussie Classic, A Little Ray of Sunshine by Axiom (who morphed via several intersecting bands’ family trees into the Little River Band).

    I sang it to our girls as babies. They’ve long since grown up, and I still love it. Fabulous Glenn Shorrock vocal.

    Cheers, Dave

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  4. Mickey P Avatar
    Mickey P

    How’s about Debris by the Faces? Ronnie Lane wrote it about his Dad, always brings a tear to my eye.

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  5. rossmurray1 Avatar

    This is more of a “circle of life” kind of song, but it’ll hit you right in the fatherhood.

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  6. jd Avatar

    ok, another Aussie (well Scottish born but because he became successful, we claimed him) is Colin Hay (Men At Work). He had a solo song a few years ago ‘Dear Father’ and it gets me every time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGFZ9rgN-oA

    Ditto dave’s suggestion above. As a single dad, i used to have to pull over whenever it came on the car radio.


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