GlastonBowie – Glastonbury honours David Bowie with mass singalong

It’s the festival of festivals. Nauseatingly omnipresent for some, frustratingly always out of reach for others (usually those with slow broadband speeds trying to get tickets).

A couple of years ago, I went along and reported on a plethora of great bands and acts including early looks at the likes of Courtney Barnett, Parquet Courts and Drenge. 

This year I have packed my wellies, posted my referendum vote and stuffed a rucksack full of sloe gin and paracetamol. 

Everything’s ready…

But rather than fill your Twitter timeline with dozens of reports of bands, I’m going to bring you a few highlights. The rest you can watch on the BBC. 

And if you have any suggestions of bands I should check out in the afternoons, or places I should visit off the beaten track, then let me know…

Before my first trip to Glastonbury, I wondered why people bothered getting there before the bands began playing. 

Then I went. 

It turns out Thursday is probably the most fun. There are no stresses over which band to see, so the Great British public do what they do best. 

They drink. 

It also gives you a proper chance to take a look at the site, the attractions, Shangri La etc. 

Thursday gives you the chance to settle in.

See the sights…

All sorts of sights,..

And then there’s GlastonBowie – the temporary stage set up in honour of the great man. This consisted of a Bowie Quiz and a singalong whilst the watching audience caught sweets and wristbands thrown from the stage 

Here’s a clip of the crowd honouring Bowie with Rebel Rebel…






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