The Best Music of 2018 So Far…

Ah, it’s mid summer.

A time of hazy, sunny evenings.

As the organisers of Wimbledon erect their “Sale! Punnet of Strawberry’s: only £50” signs (complete with grocer’s comma) it’s the time of year that allows me to drag out the only Wimbledon-related joke I know:

Q. What time does Sean Connery arrive at Wimbledon?

A. Tennish…

I’m here all week ladies and gentlemen.

Today is the half way point of the year and a good moment to reflect on all the music that has been conjured from the ether by all those talented musician-types we keep talking about.

Ah, new music. Probably not a bad idea to mention the new stuff after a few weeks of Elton, Yes and Pink Floyd. Carry on like that and people will get the wrong idea.

So to correct the balance and give the impression ERTAS is still a hip and happening place to linger (we all know it isn’t, but hey, let’s keep up the pretence for a moment), here’s a playlist of a couple of dozen tracks that have caught the ear so far this year. It’s far from exhaustive, but twenty four tracks is plenty for one sitting, and hopefully there will be one or two new things on there for you.

We start with excellent two debut albums by Shame and Dream Wife. Both of these bands featured in these pages earlier in the year.

Then from Sunderland we have Field Music. The final track on their superb seventh album “Open Here” is a lovely, pastoral sounding piece from an album that reminds me of “Duke” by Genesis, which may not sound like a compliment but is.

“Static Resistance” from Hookworms sees the Leeds-based band add some decent tunes to their drone-based psychedelia and “Loner Boogie” comes from the debut LP by Boy Azooga, who channel a QOTSA-meets-Beta-Band vibe.

Fans of Hot Chocolate will enjoy Ty Segall’s cover of “Every 1’s A Winner”, Belle and Sebastian produce a delightful and quite beautiful melody in “A Plague On Other Boys”, and Sweden’s The Amazing deliver the goods with their latest album of shimmering, jangly indie-pop.

Other highlights include songs from the latest Parquet Courts, Courtney Barnett and Gaz Coombes albums, a cheeky number from Janelle Monae and some rockers from Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Idles.

What are your tracks of the year so far? Let me know in the comments below…





7 responses to “The Best Music of 2018 So Far…”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Quite a lot of Ashley Monroe’s excellent new album Sparrow, but 2 fine tracks from many are Orphan and Hands on You; Kacey Musgraves’ Space Cowboy and Lonely Weekend from her superb record Golden Hour; Broke My Own from Shannon Shaw’s Shannon in Nashville; Nothing Has to Be True from Ruins by First Aid Kit; Knockin’ in the Coffin from Trembling Bells’ Dungeness. But the song that has truly blown me away, and which I think is an astonishing piece of writing and performance, is Zu Asche, Zu Staub, from the gobsmacking nightclub scene in episode two of Babylon Berlin. The whole soundtrack is excellent.

    I could go on – and frequently do – but I’ll leave out the rest of a pretty long list which includes Jen Cloher, Shannon and The Clams, Ruby Boots and so on.

    Cheers Dave

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  2. keepsmealive Avatar

    Holy moly, I haven’t heard a single note from any of those people! YET.

    New Sloan is awesome. And this new Lost Album from Coltrane has knocked me on my ass. WHAT A THING!

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  3. MonkeyboyMagic Avatar

    Some great choices there (Ryan Adams’ Baby I Love You being a particular favourite). The Gaz Coombes album was a real surprise (in a good way).
    Dave – agreed on Kacey Musgrave, her song Oh, What A World made its way onto my Spotify playlist “No, I’m fine I’ve just got something in my eye, honest….”
    Am also loving I Can Relate by the Brothers Moore and Basic by Organised Scum.

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    1. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

      Organised scum is a great name for a band.


  4. Rob Prior Avatar

    Love the Dream Wife album and very pleased to recently pick up what must have been the last remaining splatter vinyl copy in the known universe.

    May I offer up the wonderful Dutch indie types Pip Blom. Saw them supporting The Breeders in May and was completely smitten. Lovely noisy garage pop played with a huge smile. They genuinely look like they’re having a great time. I Think I’m In Love and Pussycat are particularly stand out tunes.

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    1. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

      I have that splatter vinyl – a nice thing (signed too). Will check out Pip Blom – thank you!


  5. xander Avatar

    The Prefab Messiahs have a ‘video album’ worth checking out, IMHO.


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