Every Record Tells A Story Hits The Airwaves!

Mondo (left) and Piley piloting the good ship Podrophenia on Southend’s A Ship Full Of Bombs

A mile and a half from the Kentish coast and five miles from Southend in Essex lies the wreck of SS Richard Montgomery, an American Liberty ship built during World War II. The ship ran adrift onto sandbanks while carrying around 1,400 tonnes of TNT which remain on board. The wreck remains such a threat to the local area that there is an exclusion zone around it.

In honour of this grave danger, a Southend-based radio station named after the SS Richard Montgomery broadcasts across the internet from Southend’s musical hub The Railway Hotel. The station is piloted by local music enthusiasts, writers, DJs and similar-minded general ne’er-do-wells, and goes by the name of A Ship Full Of Bombs.

In a welcome antidote to these days of heavily commercialised mainstream radio, there is no playlist.

For the last nine years, a mainstay of the station has been the Podrophenia- a two hour show presented by DJs Mondo and Piley. Last night, I was invited to join them to talk about Every Record Tells A Story, but rather than bore everyone with my story, we chose to play some records and talk about the stories behind them.

Also appearing was the super-talented gypsy jazz duo Levent and Taylor, and singer-songwriter Owen Williams.

Levent and Taylor

This was great fun to do – nice to have a first pop at a radio show.

You can listen to this show right now, in addition to many others hosted by A Ship Full Of Bombs via this link…






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