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  • Every Record Tells A Story Review of 2013

    Every Record Tells A Story Review of 2013

    Christmas. We take time off work, only to be run ragged by excitable children. A time for reflection; to look back at the year just gone and…. “Mum! I’m hungry” “Dad! Can I have some more chocolate?” Ah, daily life might mean you might struggle to reflect on the year just gone, so why not…

  • The Brit Awards 2013

    The Brit Awards 2013

    On the Brit Awards tonight we got to see the great and the good of British Pop. It’s a wonderful thing. In past years we have witnessed Samantha Fox and Mick Fleetwood demonstrate the World’s Worst TV Presenting, Jarvis dissing Michael Jackson’s awful Christ imitation and Geri Halliwell wearing a very small union jack dress.…