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  • Look Out For…Temples: Live Review

    Look Out For…Temples: Live Review

      “The best new band in Britain” declared Noel Gallagher about Temples on the recent Russell Brand show on XFM. Gallagher has form with such proclamations, having praised eight of the last three most successful new artists in the UK, including Jake Bugg. But if Noel Gallagher is sometimes profligate with praise, on this occasion…

  • Cowbell – Live at the Lexington, N1

    Cowbell – Live at the Lexington, N1

    Having raved about Stoke Newington garage rockers Cowbell following the release of their single Tallulah, I braved the muesli-and-vegetarian-infested Islington scene and found its finest music venue / boozer The Lexington on Wednesday night to see the band play live. A decent old pub with an upstairs area for bands, The Lexington was a perfect…