Sound of 2014 – Your New Favourite Bands

Sound of 2014

2013 was another fine year for music. From the amazing dub-garage of Julian Tummy to the ground-breaking art-grunge trilogy of albums from The Nervous Dingos, there has been a wide variety of truly inspiring sounds that have made us laugh, cry and even clear our throats slightly.

But so much for the year just gone. That’s all old hat. What about 2014? Because music’s no good if it isn’t New! And Fresh! And Exciting! And New!

Here at Every Record Tells A Story we have trawled the globe looking for bands and artists who we believe will be making a huge mark on the music scene in 2014. And we have found the most promising ten artists who we believe will be The Sound Of 2014:

Silver Cervix EDM band Sound of 2014

Silver Cervix

Art-EDM band from Chelmsford, Essex, fronted by outspoken lead singer Wendy Diablo – formerly of Children’s TV teenybopper band The Cuddles before their acrimonious split late last year amidst rumours of ketamine abuse. Diablo has since courted controversy during press conferences wearing a dress made from live budgerigars whilst licking wooden household objects, forcing the cancellation of shows due to tongue splinters. We hope forthcoming download-only debut album National Health Cervix will literally be the last word in EDM.

The Wazzocks - J Pop Band from Burnley

The Wazzocks

J-pop band from Burnley fronted by charismatic duo Jeremy Fewmet and Rupert Smeal. Lead single “That’s My Casio” flooded the dance floors in Ibiza in late summer and although some say they are a one trick pony, others point out that great things are expected from follow up “That’s My ZX 81“, which will be released only on cassette. Both songs will appear on debut album “That’s My C5”.

Harry Stoakes singer

Harry Stoakes

Harry’s characterful tales of growing up amidst the street violence of Homerton and Dalston have struck a chord with many listeners this year, despite his apparently having been educated at Charterhouse. Recently courted controversy after tweeting comments that appeared to glamourise gang culture in Homerton and question Britain’s role in a federal Europe.

Flan the band from Tuppaware, Ohio


Four piece all-girl alt-country tinged band from Tuppaware, Ohio. Flan have delighted festival goers this year with their close harmony singing and square dances. Lead vocalist Jennifer Slightly-Grim has impressed many with a voice that is a mixture of Shania Twain, Cilla Black and the girl from Dollar.

Mullligatawny Stoop - band from Shoreditch Sound of 2014

Mulligatawny Stoop

This Shoreditch-based three piece synth-neo-disco outfit first met at trendy Spitalfields clothing store Vol-au-vent Trevor. Made waves in October by releasing debut single “En Brogue” in an unusual format: it was only available if you brought in your own Chrome tape to their shows for them to record over. An East London-wide shortage of chrome D-90s resulted and early copies of “En Brogue” now fetch over £300 on Craig’s List.

Stacey's Dad band free goshawk

Stacy’s Dad

Stacey’s Dad hit headlines amongst the ornithological community earlier this year when their limited run of first 7″ single “Great White Porcelain Telephone” came with a free Goshawk. It would have got them disqualified from the charts had they sold any copies and it incurred the wrath of animal rights activists who now picket every show they play. However, Stacy’s Dad have now released a second single of neo-psych, harpsichord-tinged indie rock which has reminded many commentators of early Trabble records.

Dey Do Doh Don't Dey Doh band

Dey Do Doh Don’t Dey Doh?

These Scouse rockers come from Walton on Thames where their live shows have featured flamenco dancing and Kabuki-influenced shadow puppetry in a unique dub-metal visual display.

Eschewing 2013’s most popular format (the cassingle), their debut release is only available on the eight track format and can be found in boxes of own-brand cereal sold at Fresh and Easy Health Stores.

Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo band

Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo

The debut album of Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo, entitled Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo, on Who Records has been delayed as the band are currently in litigation with Milwaulkee bluegrass band Who Who Who Who Who, who have scheduled their debut album, Who Who Who Who Who to come out on Hoo Records also in February. The Hoo v Who case will be heard in March to establish if Hoo’s better or Who’s best.

Sound of 2014

Tom Bola – The Church’s Fate

Bola’s debut album is a serious and thoughtful look at how the role of religion has diminished in the 21st century. Opening single “Coconut Shy” looked at how people hide their emotions when under fire, and next single “Donkey Tail Pinned, Donkey Dies” has already got people talking about other records.

Heidi Hi ft Ho D. Ho Sound of 2014

Heidi High ft. Ho D. Hoe

Heidi’s third single “Yellow Coat” is her first foray into EDM following two earlier, more Death Metal-tinged releases. She is joined by rapper Ho – who hopes to help hopeful Heidi hit her high hopes of a hard-hitting huge hip hop hit.

Have you seen any of these artists? Which do you think will make the grade in 2014? Let us know in the comments section below…

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9 responses to “Sound of 2014 – Your New Favourite Bands”

  1. Life With The Top Down Avatar

    Thanks for the list! I love checking out the newbies, especially the ones that aren’t pushed in my face every 5 seconds and actually have talent.


  2. mikeladano Avatar

    Wait — you’re saying there are bands out there called “Dey Do Doh Don’t Dey Doh?” “Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo” and “Who Who Who Who Who”?


    1. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

      Are you saying there isn’t…?


      1. mikeladano Avatar

        No I just wasn’t sure if I read that right or if my eyes were playing tricks on me!


  3. Jason Wendleton Avatar

    Great list! But how many are gonna “Bugg” out???

    Also, is Stacy’s Dad a Fountains of Wayne reference??? So many questions.


  4. ianbalentine Avatar

    You are one funny man, and I really, really think there should be a song entitled “Where’s My Casio?”. Brilliant stuff!


  5. jjmgaunt Avatar

    A bit sad that you missed out Val Kerry from your list. Val has been at the forefront of bringing hip hop and classical opera together ever since the release of his critically acclaimed but commercially snubbed “Ring me, Wagner MC”. Val is currently working on a new album with his Ladder Orchestra “Gotta Dem Rungs”. Worthy of you list, surely.


    1. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

      Good point – I just don’t want to take anyone for a ride (of the Val Kerry’s)


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