Crown and Treaty Mercury Prize

Sweet Billy Pilgrim New Album News

Crown and Treaty Bush Hall Mercury Prize
Tim Elsenburg and Jana Carpenter of Sweet Billy Pilgrim at Bush Hall in 2012

Studio news reaches my ears from Every Record Tells A Story favourites (and ERTAS Album of the Year 2012 winners) Sweet Billy Pilgrim.

Sweet Billy Pilgrim are looking towards crowd-funding to help raise the funds needed to produce their fourth album (no working title yet, just a hashtag of #SBP4). Given that the band made their second album in a shed at the bottom of band-leader Tim Elsenburg’s garden, this DIY roll-your-sleeves-up ethic is not exactly uncharted territory. Not for them is the rarefied air of a major label studio whilst label executives feed them on panda and swan…

By way of proof, this not-quite-exclusive photo (OK it’s from SBP’s entertaining Facebook feed) shows the band “hard at work” at a studio in Devon where the drum tracks were being recorded… (NB Other photos *may* have been available showing the band being a bit busier)

Sweet Billy Pilgrim hard at work
Rushed off their feet….Sweet Billy Pilgrim with noses to the grindstone

In case Sweet Billy Pilgrim have passed you by, here are three Actual Facts about the band:

  • Actual Fact 1: Second album Twice Born Men was nominated for a Mercury Prize in 2009.
  • Actual Fact 2: Sweet Billy Pilgrim once appeared in an episode of sitcom The IT Crowd.
  • Actual Fact 3: You can download their third album, the “even better than the second album” “Crown and Treaty” for FREE from their website right now.

I think that’s enough Actual Facts for now, so what’s all this about a fourth album?

Well, Sweet Billy Pilgrim fans are being invited NOW to become a patron of the band. By paying money for the album before it is made, fans are able to help the band make the album the band want to make. And in return, patrons will receive and thus hear the album before anyone else, get their name in the CD booklet, receive exclusive tracks, the previous record on limited signed vinyl plus some handwritten lyrics of their choice *pauses for breath* PLUS a “patrons-only” private concert at the band’s London rehearsal studios.

But that’s not all.

Über Super Patrons (yes, that is a thing) can (if they have sufficient folding stuff to spare) pay a bit more, and in return, Sweet Billy Pilgrim will come to their house and play a gig just for them!

If this sounds like a good idea to you, then check out the band’s website to find out more…

And the new music? Well, I got in touch with the band and they told me the following:

“The plan is to do bits and pieces over several months as we garner funds and such. We’re recording with a great guy called Pete Miles, whose particular talent is mixing rock records, and the new stuff is…well, louder. And more band-y. We’re pretty excited.”

And if this request for patronage comes just as the tax-man or bailiffs have come knocking? Don’t worry. The band say there will be further buying options closer to release day…

In the meantime, here’s my recommendation to you:

  1. Download the last album for free from the band’s website. It’s great, and you have nothing to lose.
  2. Check out Sweet Billy Pilgrim’s website and Facebook page.
  3. If you like what you hear, give them your support.






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