Our First Challenger! Thoughts From West Five….

Oasis-boxset Whats the story morning glory

Let’s be honest, you know that the new Oasis Box Set of What’s The Story Morning Glory is a bit pricey when you see Roman Abramovich coming out of HMV wiping his brow and muttering to himself about “daylight robbery” and “they must think I am made of money…”.

And this is from a man who bought Fernando Torres, Winston Bogarde, Adrian Mutu and Andrei Shevchenko.

Such was the thinking behind my quest to see how else I could use that £116.99 and embark upon a vinyl buying challenge…

But in addition to this wilful and some might say extravagant expenditure, I was curious to see how other bloggers might react to the challenge, and so I approached a handful to see what they would do with the same amount of cash.

They don’t have to spend the money as I am doing. If they choose, they can just see what *in theory* might be bought. They may even have their own ideas as to how to use the money – perhaps for a more worthy cause than buying mere slabs of tuneful plastic….

The first fellow blogger to join me is John Sills who writes a blog under the name of “Thoughts From West Five”and very enjoyable it is too.

I won’t steal his thunder, but John has even prepared a way for you to listen to what he has chosen…..

Click on this link to Thoughts From West Five to read how John has approached The Oasis Box Set Challenge.

Thank you John!

Oh, and if you like top ten lists, Thoughts From West Five has a good list of Top Ten Air Guitar Songs here…





4 responses to “Our First Challenger! Thoughts From West Five….”

  1. John S Avatar

    Thanks for the plug, Steve. That Air Guitars ten got 7,000 hits when I first pubished it, as it got onto the Freshly Pressed page for a while. It still gets more hits than just about anything else I do! Shows the appeal of the music around the world. I also put together a follow up blog of air guitar favourites that other people suggested. There’s some good stuff on it, some of which I didn’t know. The top two, though, had been serious contenders for my list…http://tfw5.com/2012/04/28/my-top-ten-air-guitar-the-alt-selection-readers-choice/


    1. Every Record Tells A Story Avatar

      7,000 hits! I have never managed that holy grail of WordPress blogging, the “Freshly Pressed” title. Congratulations!


      1. John S Avatar

        Never happened again!


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