A Final Vinyl Challenger!

Record Collection including David Bowie Beatles and Motorhead

When I began my vinyl challenge last month, I knew that one person would want to take part, and that was a regular visitor to the comments section of Every Record Tells A Story, Mike “LeBrain” Ladano.

Mike likes in Canada and every year takes a trip to Toronto to go on a CD buying spree, and records the trip for posterity on his blog and on YouTube. In an act of perfect timing his trip was scheduled for October, and if nothing else, Mike’s trip acts as the perfect way to illustrate the joy of discovering music, much in the same way that my own journey around the record fairs of London also attempted to do.

So why not spend ten minutes watching the video he made, which even features a soundtrack played by his buddy Aaron who also happens to be a blogger at KeepsMeAlive.comyou can read his take on things here…

Here’s the link to Mike’s blog post – hope you enjoy it!

Thank you to all the challengers:

Thoughts From West Five….


..and to Mike and Aaron!






3 responses to “A Final Vinyl Challenger!”

  1. mikeladano Avatar

    Thanks very much for posting this! We had such a great time. I hope that comes across in the video. Aaron and I have known each other for 18 years now, but have only been doing this trip for 3. It’s an annual joy for us, like Christmas!

    The latest rumours are, we’re currently talking to our wives about giving us permission to do this TWICE a year!!!


    1. keepsmealive Avatar

      Ditto to all of that, especially thanks for the shout-out and links!

      This trip is awesome. I’ve said many times – it’s a good thing I don’t live in the city, I just don’t think I’d have any self-control at all, what with access to all of those record shops so close…

      As for twice a year trips? That would be brilliant, would love for that to happen.

      Cheers! Aaron


      1. mikeladano Avatar

        If the stars align, we should try again in the spring. We never fail to find amazing music new and old.


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