Our Next Vinyl Challenger… “Gen X at Midlife” Throws Down The Gauntlet

HMV Oxford St

Because I saw several people leave HMV the other day with nose bleeds when they saw how high the price was of the Oasis Box Set, (in case you are new to Every Record Tells A Story) I have been trying to see what else I could buy with the same money. After all, £116.99 is a lot of cash. The past few articles tell the story of my desperate efforts to come up with something a little better value for money…

I have also asked the Every Record Tells A Story blogging community for their take on things, and I’m pleased to say that after Thoughts From West Five came up with an iTunes solution, we have another contender who has come up with a completely different approach.

This time around it is the turn of Gen X At Midlife to wrestle with the problem of having a big pile of cash to spend and she has come up with an excellent solution to a knotty problem.

I won’t spoil things, but to give you a taster, Gen X At Midlife describes the situation as follows:

Ever meet someone who just doesn’t “get” the Beatles?

It’s rare, but it does happen.

And it’s easy to fix.

Just think of it as a little help for your friend….

You can read the rest of this terrific article by clicking this link…. It’s a great concept, and an excellent solution! Do let us know what you think – it’s great to hear what people think and to generate some discussion.

So thank you to Gen X At Mid-Life!

Oh, and whilst you’re over there, why not check out this excellent article also – all about Six Things Only A Gen X-er Would Find In The Basement….

Anyone else out there who wants to join in the challenge? It’s not too late – just drop me a line…





2 responses to “Our Next Vinyl Challenger… “Gen X at Midlife” Throws Down The Gauntlet”

  1. genxatmidlife Avatar

    Thanks so much for the cross-post! It’s been great to follow your challenge and see what Thoughts From West Five has come up with.


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